About Grip

Glip host

This is the only host name in the world that is assigned to you.

It is of the form xxxxxxx.nsgip.com.

By default xxxxxxxx is a random string.

A fee will be charged if the character string is specified by the customer.

Please contact us if you wish to do so.

Glip URL

The only setting required to use Glip DDNS is "Access Glip URL".

Your global IP address will be updated to the latest status when you access the Glip URL.

The format of the Glip URL is as follows.


The xxxxxxxxx part will be a random string.

PC settings

Chrome extension

To use the Glip service, you need to set the "Glip URL". This section describes how to set it up as an extension for Google Chrome.

task scheduler

Register Glip URL with task scheduler

It can also be implemented by accessing the Glip URL from the task scheduler on the customer's computer.


It is also possible to register the Glip URL as a Favorite (bookmark) and set your IP address as the Glip host only when necessary.

Linux cron

It is also possible to register by setting cron on your Linux server.


What is DDNS

When the IP address assigned to the customer's network connection device is changed, it is applied to the Glip host so that the customer's network connection device can be identified even if the IP address is changed.


VPN notes

When connecting to the office VPN during remote work, the IP address of the VPN is linked to the Glip host.