About Glip

Glip host

A unique host name assigned to the customer in the format example.nsgip.com. The example part will be automatically generated.

If you want to change the Glip host to a character string specified by the customer, please consult us separately. If you are interested, please contact here.

Setting URL

Once a Glip host is allocated, the "Settings URL" will be enabled. In the case of general DDNS, the IP address is automatically updated when you access the URL for changing DDNS settings, but in Glip, email authentication is the default. This is a secure feature that allows only you to update your DDNS IP address.

However, you may choose to turn off email verification at your own risk. In that case, simply access the "Settings URL" to update the DDNS IP address.

DDNS retry limit

There is a time limit on the "settings URL" that you access when updating your DDNS IP address. Once you access the standard plan, you will not be able to access it for 10 minutes. If you are on the Pro plan, you will not be able to access it for 1 minute.

aws security group collaboration

Glip provides a page for changing AWS security groups using DDNS. You can access it from anywhere and update the IP address of your AWS security group.

To update the IP address of a security group, administrator email authentication is required, and the only ports that can be set are ports 22 and 443, making it difficult for remote system development and remote site confirmation. Work becomes more efficient.

Glip only registers and changes IP addresses in AWS security groups. If Glip cannot access your AWS security group, Glip cannot delete the AWS security group IP address, so we do not implement a deletion function. Please manage the deletion of security group IP addresses by yourself.

To use this feature, you will need to set policies for AWS IAM users.

aws instance power operations

Glip provides a page for operating AWS instance power using DDNS. You can access the change page from the IP address associated with DDNS, and you can check the power status of the AWS instance and turn it on and off.

To use this feature, you will need to set policies for AWS IAM users.

About the contract

Contract unit

The contract is a contract for each connection, and if you wish to cancel it, you can cancel it for each connection. The standard plan is ¥110 per month including tax, and the pro plan is ¥660 per month.

Contract period

The basic contract period is one month.

method of payment

We only accept credit cards.

Contract automatic renewal

The contract will be automatically renewed every month.

How to cancel

There is a cancellation button for each connection, and you can cancel at any time. When the cancellation button is pressed, cancellation is reserved and will be automatically canceled on the day after the last day of the contract month.


Invoices and eligible invoice issuing business registration numbers related to the invoice system will be issued separately if required. If you are interested, please contact here.

Chrome extension

GLIP URL access

Although not recommended, there is a Google Chrome plugin that periodically accesses Glip's "Settings URL". It can be used by following the steps below. Please use at your own risk.


What is DDNS?

This is a mechanism that is applied to the Glip host when the IP address assigned to a customer's network-connected device changes, so that the customer's network-connected device can be identified even if the IP address changes.


VPN notes

When you connect to your office's VPN while working remotely, the VPN's IP address will be linked to your Glip host.