A service that operates the power of AWS instances

When operating a server on AWS, there may be times when a member who cannot log in to AWS wants to control the power of the instance. For example, if you want to turn on the server only when it is being used. This service solves these problems simply.

You can do this

  • You can perform power operations on AWS instances without logging into AWS.
  • Operators can control instance power without asking the network administrator.
  • You can significantly reduce server costs based on pay-as-you-go pricing.

How is it specifically used?

Specific usage is as follows.

  1. Access Glip's "AWS Instance Operations" screen. GlipAWS instance operation request screen
  2. Click the "Power on" or "Power off" button on the screen.

Glip provides server-related solutions using DDNS technology to support remote work. Its main functions include updating the IP address of AWS security groups and controlling the power of AWS EC2 instances. Additionally, each can be operated from an IPv6 environment.