About us

What is Glip?

Glip began by providing a secure and flexible network using DDNS technology.

In addition, keeping in mind the actual operation of IPv6 related to the issue of IP address depletion, we propose solutions that lead to problem solving from various angles, improve the convenience of IT work in the era of remote work, and further increase productivity. We aim to contribute to the enhancement of sexuality.

Why did we create Glip?

There are many things in this world that can be easily accomplished by writing code. However, although it is simple, it tends to be a difficult to use interface because it is handmade. Such small "reinventions of the wheel" are often seen in development sites. Also, I think there are situations where small improvements cannot be made and a large cost is incurred because one cannot write code.

Glip was established with the hope of solving these issues by providing small solutions as a service.

Glip's mission

Glip's mission is to "remove the hassle of IT workers."

The company name Glip is a coined word combining the first two letters and the last two letters of "Global IP" used in the first solution DDNS.